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What's My Vibe?

Communicator : Strategist : Imaginative : Hiker : Rockclimber : Surfer


Nothing is better than sitting around a table (preferably at the pub) and discussing new creative concepts. Throwing ideas around, being crazy, silly, and loud as you create something unique together. I may not be the greatest artist out there but I love letting my mind roam and coming up with creative, wacky solutions.


I developed my passion for psychology in high school, briefly studying it at university before I discovered straight science is BORING! But my interest didn't die, it shifted. To how human behaviour is manipulated by smart visual communications. 

Climate Activist

Growing up in a farming community on the southern coast of Australia, I discovered my love for the Australian bushland. The harsh diverse bush that is vanishing before our eyes as climate change wreaks havoc across Australia and the globe. I am fighting to see policy reform in Australia, to save our unique native flora and fauna. I would love to use communications to inspire the Australian public and private sectors to lobby for our environment.

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