COVID-19 Quick Brief

To respond to the Covid-19 brief firstly i had to research three key areas, Why people weren’t connecting with the current campaign? What message is the most important? and Who needs to listen?

Firstly the Why, I pinned it to fatigue, advert fatigue and news fatigue, people see somewhere between 4000 and 10,000 adverts a day, combine this with the constant 24 hour news cycle, victorians have simply been overexposed to the same messaging.

For the What, I found that most people are informed but have become complacent over the months of restrictions, so the campaign needs to act as a reminder rather than an informer.

The Who, Australia is lucky enough to have many different cultures and languages. I decided it was important to present this life saving message in many different languages make the campaign accessible to everyone.

My Response - The Living Poster

This is not your ordinary poster, it is a case which will act as an active breeding ground for safe bacteria. The poster will grow and change before consumers eyes keeping their interest as each poster spawns different colours and shapes. This memorable reminder will cause the consumers to interpret Covid-19 as more than a 2 dimensional story but a real 3 dimensional threat.

Poster features the VIC front, Logo and colour pallet in line with the Victorian State Government.

Disclaimer I used Google Translator, Posters may not be translated perfectly.

(This was done as a creative exercise and is not affiliated with the Victorian State Government)