Death to Stock Quick Brief

Task: Create a poster complete the line: "IT’S OK TO... *BLANK*"


For this task I decided on a personal headline, I have struggled with starting new hobbies and learning new things, often getting angry at myself for not mastering it straight away. So this poster is a reminder to myself and anyone else who's brain is mean to them sometimes.

The Composition

The poster is symmetrically balanced to ease the viewers mind and uses line to draw their eyes firstly across the text, then cascading down along with the falling figure. lastly, the subjects eye-line brings the viewer back to the posters headline.

The Font

I wanted to use a font that was both delicate and bold just like a ballet dancer. The double lines of the font give this illusion of a classic bold font, while maintaining a light simplicity. The blue colour has been drawn out from the walls, giving the appearance that the headline could fade back into the wall at any moment.

The font is 'London' by Antonio Rodrigues JR.