Fruit Salad, anyone?

This project started from the clearance bin, I got this wonderful vibrant fabric for $2 a metre!! Read more to learn how to sew basic darts or skip to the end to see the final product!

*Patterns used at very bottom of page.

What the heck is a dart?? (hint, its not a ciggy)

A dart is a fold sewn into fabric to help create shape, they are often used around the waist, bust and hips to help the clothing silhouette the body.

Step One:

Ok so I know i have said it a thousand times on here but make sure to iron the pattern and the fabric before pinning and cutting.

Make sure you layout all the pieces (facing the right way and matching the grain line of the fabric) first to make sure you have enough fabric!

Steps 2:

Transfer markings from pattern pieces onto wrong side of fabric

Step 3:

I like to just draw dots from the pattern and then using a ruler connect the dots to make sure you get a crisp line.

Step 4:

Ironing, more ironing! press the dart in place, creating a strong crease. (depending on your fabric you may have to pin here)

Step 5:

Sew, start from the edge of your fabric, back stitch and then sew following your markings and your done! super easy.

Final product

*Please excuse my amateur modelling

Both patterns have easy to follow instructions!! if you're a beginner probably start with the skirt and see how you go before investing in the jacket pattern.