Glinda the Good Witch

Sometimes you just need some big sleeves and sparkles!


-Vogue pattern V9319 (A)

-sparkly fabric

-Bias Tape

-Good vibes


I iron everything! before you cut your patterns pieces out, iron it. Before you lay your fabric out iron it! The iron is your best friend.

I traced my pattern pieces onto the fabric, as i was working with slightly less than the recommend amount.

I also modified the pattern by lengthening the bodice by 1 inch. to accomodate for my longer torso.

(Also never pay for pattern weights, you can use anything from your desk!)


Overlocking the edges of your fabrics adds an element of professionalism and ensures your creations don't fall apart.


The Vogue instructions are very clear.

-Iron before every step!

-Use lots of pins.

-when in doubt bast (loosely hand sew)

Final thoughts

Great beginners pattern or super easy project for more experienced makers.

Wonderful summer vibes! Get ready for all those post lockdown beach trips.

Final Product

Living my best Good Witch Life