Teen Vogue and The Case for her are teaming up to educate young people about female pleasure, helping to close the big O gap!


We started by surveying young people about their sex lives and sexual education. From there we discovered almost everyone felt that their sexual education left much to be desired!

We discovered that we needed to reach young people in and out of school (14+) with range of content, to introduce or reintroduce them to the joys of the female body.


'Overcoming the pleasure taboo by acknowledging the gender orgasm gap and educating young people.'

The Campaign

The Podcast.

The main event, weekly 45-1hour episodes discussing sex, masturbation, discharge, periods and more! Listeners will be able to submit questions, comments and topic suggestions via the Teen Vogue website. Creating an open dialog for young people to talk about their bodies. Modified version of the podcast will also be available for schools to help facilitate inclusive sexual education classes in the education system. These HERCASTS episodes will then be uploaded to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify in full.

The Case For Her

Along with the podcast, we will be teaming up with brands to hand out 'Case's for her' in schools. The cases feature feminine products, lube, condoms and fact sheets about healthy sexual practices, along with some goodies.

These cases will make sex and female pleasure an open topic for discussion between students, friends and genders.


By using a mixture of new and traditional media, we will reach an enormous amount of young people.

  1. Based on a survey of about 3000 US teens, 73% rank Instagram as the most prefered way to communicate new products/promotions (eMarketer, 2019).

  2. 81% of users between 15 and 25 years old use YouTube in the US (Clement J, 2019).

This project was done as a team and i would like to thank my wonderful group members Katrina Chung, Nakita Podreka, Dylan Collaga & Jason Hutchinson

The artwork was donated by a wonderful young artist Montana Kitching Check out her Insta

(This project was a creative exercise and is not affiliated with Teen Vogue or The Case For Her)