Isolation Escapism

How to escape your house without leaving it

Step One:

Find yourself a great travel book, obviously i recommend Lonely Planets 'Epic Hikes of the World'. It is jam packed with photos of remote, epic displays of nature. Alongside these killer photos, are hike reviews that allow you to fully immerse yourself in Italy, Iceland, New Zealand and many more places around the world!

Step Two

Read one section over and over, till you can feel the sand beneath your feet and the ocean lapping against your toes. I like to play ambient sounds such as waves, birds, insects or sometimes cities. to help my mind wonder.

Step 3

Once I have finished meditating my way around the world, I love to jump on the computer and plan my fictional trips. No budget restraints, No timeline and NO VIRUS. Just yourself and what could be!


I can hear some of you already, 'Why would you do that? sounds like torture'. I find this process helps keep my imagination active, when it gets dulled by hours of mind numbing Netflix binges. This helps me escape my present, while helping me prepare for the future. I may not be able to go across the globe, but when isolation ends, I have a pack list ready and an open mind!