Orange, The New Green.

Challenge: Reawaken a sleeping giant, re-launch a brand that used to be an industry leader but has fallen back in recent years.

The Strategy

Over recent years many studies have displayed the high sugar content of carbonated beverages, this has made parents less likely to buy their children Fanta. Fanta is perceived as a drink for children and teens, However, many consumers in this demographic do not have direct purchasing power. Premium Fanta targets 18+ consumers, demonstrating new fun ways to consume the orange beverage. Research also showed the growing trend in couscous consumerism, consumers are more likely to buy products that are ethically made and eco-friendly.


Fanta offers healthier and environmentally friendly alternatives to its competitors.

Introducing Fanta Premium

Fanta Premium is a new beverage developed by Fanta. This drink contains organic fruits, so it tastes richer and smoother. The packaging uses a new material which can 100% biodegradable, only taking 180 days to rejoin the earth to become the soil that grows Fanta's organic oranges This drink was developed to mix well with other beverages to make delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic mixes.

Fanta Premium Makes life sweeter for you and the planet.

This assignment was a group effort, thank you to my group members Dylan Collaga & Jason Hutchinson!

(This was produced as a creative exercise and is not affiliated with Fanta)