S.D.G Quick Brief

Challenge: Connect the every person to the Goals, compelling them to take on their role.

The Strategy

Who: The global public: everyday people who may or may not know about the SDGs. We want to inspire regular people to become activists for the world. More specifically this adverts targets persons from 15-45, who already believe or can be persuaded, in the power of the people to make change.

How/Where: Classic TVC, not so classic broadcaster. The video advert will reach millions across a range of social media (facebook, instagram, youtube, twitter). Partnerships will also be made with city councils across the globe to play in iconic locations such as Federation Square, Trafalgar Square and Times Square, the videos will play simultaneously at multiple times, creating a social media movement across the globe #itstartswithyou.

The Execution

The video will start with a flower blooming representing life and mother nature, then the video with reverse. This informs the consumer we are traveling back in time. As we travel back the up beat music will speed up with each new scene, creating a sense of urgency. Before slowing down as we zoom in on the main subject, maintaining the viewers interest and creating even flow of audio and visual elements. The three subjects will be a young women, a man and an older women, encapsulating everyone.

The tagline 'It all Starts with you' pulls the consumer in the advert, making them see themselves fighting for the future depicted.

Call to action, asks the consumers to visit the SDG website, where they can learn how to create the change they have been inspired to create.

(This is a creative exercise and is not affiliated with the UN or the Sustainable Development Goals)