The Red Cross Lifebood

Challenge: Attract life long blood and plasma donors, specifically targeting young men.

Media: Not your everyday campaign, be creative

Creating Noise

Launching the campaign with an art installation at all the major public galleries across Australia in partnership with the Australian government. The interactive sculpture depicts a giant heart, with two cylinders either side. Viewers must press the buttons to try and fill the heart with blood, if successful the heart will pulsate.

Along with the sculpture a fun app game will be released, you have to collect as many blood cells as possible without getting knocked down by a virus. At the end of each game, it will show statistics about the Australian blood bank and ask players to donate blood.


We acknowledge that there is a large community of people who cannot donate blood for health reasons, but still want to support the Lifeblood service. Thus, we came up with a range of products to raise money for the blood bank.

Big thank you to the group of people that helped create this project, Amelia Ransom, Jason Hutchinson and Katrina Chung.

(This was done as a creative exercise and is not affiliated with the Red Cross Lifeblood)