Your New Best Friends

So you have decided to start sewing? Great! here are five things to get you started.

One: An Iron

When i first started sewing i skipped the ironing every time, completely refused to 'press' anything! Boy was i wrong, the iron is your best friend in the whole wide world. Iron your patterns, your fabric, your stitching, everything!

Two: A seam ripper

But aren't we sewing clothes together not ripping them apart? yeah, but you're going to make mistakes (lots of mistakes) and this handy device will save you from accidentally shredding your fabric trying to cut out stitches.

Three: A zipper foot

This handy little foot for your sewing machine lets you stitch up close to your zipper. no more accidentally going off too far and not sewing anything!

Four: Washout Fabric Pen

Chalk, the old classic is fine but my world changed when i got a pen. your markings are so much more accurate and gone are the days of crushed chalk getting through my sewing supplies!

Five: A rotary Cutter

cutting out pattern pieces and fabric hurts my 22 year old back, so do yourself a favour and invest in a rotary cutter and cutting board. It may seem expensive but believe me your back will thank you and your preparation time will be sliced in half!

Get out there and start making some funky outfits!